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The past few years, the area where I live, Crawford County, Ohio, has seen a wonderful explosion of younger families who are embracing the joys and challenges of living off the land. Because of them, amazing things are happening which have been embraced by our community. Farmer’s markets have been created and on-farm stores have opened. Families dedicated to growing organic produce and naturally raised meats are meeting the public’s needs for locally raised foods. And at the heart of this movement are the women.

Ohio Country Journal is my attempt to share the essence of farm life, focusing on, but not limited to, women. My goal is to bring you into our circle of friendship by inviting you to share your stories and experiences with us. You don’t have to be a full time country woman to benefit from joining us; you just have to be you.

The full-time country women featured in Ohio Country Journal are an inspiration to anyone who dares to follow her dreams, whether it is to live in the country or to bring the country life-style to their urban neighborhoods.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wait for it....wait for it.... ~or~ T-Ball Spring Training

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A "Rite of Spring" for many kids is learning to play baseball by joining a  T-ball team. I like baseball for kids because it teaches coordination and teamwork. And paying attention.

Fresh out of school rooms, most T-ball age kids aren't ready to pay attention just yet. That is what makes watching T-ball games so charming for me...they can be comical to say the least.

In this picture, Ava is paying attention. She did pretty good for most of the practice, but if her eye caught a glimpse of one of her brothers, her mom, or me, her brain shifted gears faster than a dog spying a squirrel and lost all concentration. 

So, knowing this, I did not take very many pics of her practice....pictures can come later, right now she needs to be left alone to learn. 

Well...that's a pretty hard pill to swallow for a Nana with a camera; a Nana who takes gazillion pics every day.

But really, I've finally come to learn, who needs a gazillion when one or two tell the story? 

Marcheta *learning by doing

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