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The past few years, the area where I live, Crawford County, Ohio, has seen a wonderful explosion of younger families who are embracing the joys and challenges of living off the land. Because of them, amazing things are happening which have been embraced by our community. Farmer’s markets have been created and on-farm stores have opened. Families dedicated to growing organic produce and naturally raised meats are meeting the public’s needs for locally raised foods. And at the heart of this movement are the women.

Ohio Country Journal is my attempt to share the essence of farm life, focusing on, but not limited to, women. My goal is to bring you into our circle of friendship by inviting you to share your stories and experiences with us. You don’t have to be a full time country woman to benefit from joining us; you just have to be you.

The full-time country women featured in Ohio Country Journal are an inspiration to anyone who dares to follow her dreams, whether it is to live in the country or to bring the country life-style to their urban neighborhoods.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

January is a Great Month to....Learn Something New!

It’s a brand-new year. Yeah, I know…it’s the 17th and you already know that. But what are you doing about it? I love January because it is a slower time of year for me (I don’t have to work as hard as I do in other seasons). This makes it the perfect month to catch up on neglected projects and to learn something new. It can be as simple as attending a one-day workshop on an interesting subject or as complex as taking a college course. I have done both in the past, but usually a short course at an art center fits my needs perfectly.
This month I am studying Social Media for Artists at Mansfield Art Center. Last evening was the first class and I could not be happier. We lucked out by having Violeta Chinni lead the class. She is a wonderful instructor who presents the topics in a relaxed, fun way. The class is a good mix of artistic personalities. Because the class is very small it is great for interaction, discussion, and feedback.
And, the subject matter is something that I need help with, making learning something new a double plus. I am looking forward to learning the ways that I can improve this blog as well as other venues of communicating with people who may be interested in what I do, and of meeting people online who may have products or services that I can use. This may seem as a counter point to the goal of this blog, which is to connect local people, but, let’s face it, we live in a global community.  No one can make it in this world alone.  My personal preference is: local first, Ohio made or grown second, American made or grown third, and finally enjoying what other people and other cultures have to contribute to my wellbeing.

On the local scene, our public libraries are offering all sorts of one day workshops and lectures. Rachel Mendell, editor of the Galion Inquirer, will be leading writing workshops at Galion Public Library. For fun, the library is also having a tea-tasting party. I encourage you to learn something new this month…maybe pick up the paint brush that is staring you in the face since you bought it at the art store or learn how to edit and print your photographs at home using free software from Google (Picasa, which I highly recommend).

One thing that I am positive about, learning something new helps chase away the winter doldrums! So, why not go out and reach for the moon or stars? You'll never know what new people you'll meet or the opportunities it will lead to unless you reach. :)

Marcheta *attending Brand- New U, are you?


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