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The past few years, the area where I live, Crawford County, Ohio, has seen a wonderful explosion of younger families who are embracing the joys and challenges of living off the land. Because of them, amazing things are happening which have been embraced by our community. Farmer’s markets have been created and on-farm stores have opened. Families dedicated to growing organic produce and naturally raised meats are meeting the public’s needs for locally raised foods. And at the heart of this movement are the women.

Ohio Country Journal is my attempt to share the essence of farm life, focusing on, but not limited to, women. My goal is to bring you into our circle of friendship by inviting you to share your stories and experiences with us. You don’t have to be a full time country woman to benefit from joining us; you just have to be you.

The full-time country women featured in Ohio Country Journal are an inspiration to anyone who dares to follow her dreams, whether it is to live in the country or to bring the country life-style to their urban neighborhoods.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Stitch, Stitch, Hooray!

Finished apron and chef hat set. The pink gingham bias tape was from my
sewing trims stash that has items from several genrations of full-time country women.

Apron in progress, using rick-rack from Ava's
great-aunt Kathleen's sewing stash
Today is sunny and we’re enjoying a brief warm spell before the bitter cold is scheduled to hit us in a few days. Ordinarily on such a day, I’d be out and about with my camera. But…gee…it feels so great to work in my second story sewing room because it has 2 south facing windows that I am in no hurry to leave it and venture out. I feel like a cat sunning myself when I am in there. The view is of the orchard, huge garden, pond, and fields beyond. The scene is made interesting by a fairly strong wind that is keeping things moving, especially the large fronds from the asparagus patch. I am not lacking for entertainment while in there, that’s for sure, so today (now that I have plenty of bobbins for thread color changes) I decided to stay focused on the sewing projects that I’ve wanted to do for a long time now.

Today’s project is aprons for Ava. Her birthday is coming up soon, and now that she is big enough to be a help to her mom and me in the kitchen, I thought she’d enjoy having cooking tools of her own. For Christmas I got her a cake-pop baker and for her birthday I plan to give her a waffle-stick baker. Both need adult supervision, of course, but these handy gadgets from Bella make more sense to me than the traditional Easy Bake Oven because they make real food that the whole family can enjoy.

What is fun for me is to personalize the basic pattern that I bought on sale for a buck at Jo~An Fabrics and Crafts last week. I have an eclectic array of ribbons, buttons and trims (like rick-rack) that cover several generations. When Ava’s mom, Kerry, was small, my grandmother gave me a HUGE sack of lace. More than 30 years later, I am still digging through that stash, but I do have it whittled down so that if fits in a small storage tub now. From Jim’s aunt Kathleen is a shoe-box of rick-racks and hem tapes as well as buttons. Most of my buttons, however, came from Jim’s mom’s sewing supplies. I inherited these supplies when Kathleen and Margie passed away, and it warms my heart to be able to use them in items that I am making for my grandchildren.

So here’s how the day is shaking out…apron pieces are cut and now I am digging through the treasure-troves given to me by Ava’s great-great grandmother, her great grandmother, and great aunt, all of whom were full-time country women.  We are blessed, indeed, to have this heritage.

Marcheta *sew busy


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